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Succession Planning for Technology and Leadership Continuity
Including Relocation

Have you  recently  graduated engineering  in one of the fields: materials, machines, chemical or physics?

TETRO offers you a succession planning opportunity including   relocation to China, the company technical training, financial support for Chinese studies and more.

TETRO company is among the largest technological companies engaged in producing cutting-edge, high-quality original products for known premium membership. TETRO located in South China (2 hours from Hong Kong), has cooperative enterprises engaged in plastics, metals, textiles, and laboratories.
TETRO invests in developing its managers, managerial and professional skills, with an emphasis on excellence and service orientation. TETRO sees its employees and suppliers as key partners in achieving results and performance objectives. We believe and adopt community orientation policy and believe in sustainability and environmental conservation.

Succession Planning  includes:
- Six months full funded Chinese studies, in Chinese university.
- Theoretical and practical training in TETRO, including planning and development, project management, understanding the manufacturing process of various materials and more.
- Integration into high-level engineering positions leading to significant management roles in company.
- Expenses flights, visa, medical insurance, rent and telephone funded by the company
- The length of the plan is 5 years, with a high grant at the end .

Job requirements :
- Graduation in one of the leading universities in the field of engineering, with high grades, one of the faculties: materials engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering or physics.
- High level of English, language learning capability
- Ability to work in team
- Ability to work under pressure and tight schedules
- interpersonal skills and leadership
- Ability to work independently
- Commitment to personal and professional growth in the long term

The program enables engineers who have just completed their studies, to acquire knowledge, experience and expertise, learn the Chinese language, get familiarity with the world of industry in China, higher financial savings and more.

Come and join the winning team of TETRO