• Tetro start assemble medical products in clean room comply with ISO Medical 13485.
  • Tetro integrated the second new sophisticated cooling systems in injection factory.
  • Tetro ordered new full robot line made by KUKA robots Germany for polishing of metal part.
  • Tetro builds an advanced water treatment system for Anodizing line.



  • Tetro integrated the first new sophisticated cooling systems in the injection factory for improving the efficiency , reducing cycle time, better quality and saving energy. This is part of a total plan of integrating 3 central systems made in Japan.
  • Tetro integrated new double injection 450 ton machine.
  • Tetro placed order for 2 more Arburg 320, 450 ton machines which supposed to arrive on march 2016.
  • Tetro established a daughter company TETROTECH.
    TETROTECH is specializing in selling solutions for improving the overall injection factories performances and efficiency. TETROTECH invented the PEM (process execution methodology). Leaning on 25 years of experience in efficient process, TETROTECH believe that every company should use the PEM and wish to share its ideas with all the companies in the plastic injection industry.
  • Tetro apply for ISO medial 13485, and got certificate.



  • Tetro plastic factory added more injection machines. 1000 ton Demag machine mainly for car seat injection.



  • Tetro metal department split from Tetro group to start their own business in a new dedicated facility.
  • Metal factory as Tetro leading supplier has integrated fully automated aluminum extrusion lines, anodizing lines and chemical polish lines.
  • Car seat division established.



  • Tetro achieves ICTI certification.
  • Baby stroller division established.
  • Plastic injection mold department established and Tetro starts producing molds in-house.



  • ERP system implemented.
  • Injection factory is further extended with new Nissei, Arburg and Demag machines along with the integration of Motan dosing systems.
  • Real time system Leader MES implemented in the plastic injection department.
  • Tetro achieves ISO 9001:2008 certification
  • Tetro establishes technical library for R&D and QC.



  • Tetro achieves GSV/C-TPAT certification.
  • Injection factory is extended with the introduction of new injection machines and automation units.
  • Metal department is further extended with the introduction of new CNC lathe center and additional machines.



  • Plastic injection department established 20 Demag injection machines.
  • Metal department capabilities extended by introducing CNC machines and robotic welding systems.



  • Tricycle division established.
  • Tetro expands engineering department.
  • Tetro manufactures stoves for camping.
  • Tetro manufactures baby chairs.
  • Metal department established to have in-house capabilities for punching and welding.



  • Tetro incorporated.
  • Contract manufacturing (OEM) business commenced.
  • Tripod division established.